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About Ims Infotech

Automate & Simplify The Whole Process
We are passionate about customer service and providing our clients with the best possible IT hardware maintenance solutions. We are proud to be one of the first third-party maintainers in existence, and a leader in our industry. We are engage in the Information Technology related fields in order to provide our customers all types of IT solution so that customer can feel relax, convenience and comfort at their work. There is no doubt on the services that we provide.
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& History

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What We Offers

360 degree coverage, 365 days

Quality CCTV Services

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Ims infotech Security Products will design and install your complete surveillance solution for any type of business, residential or community scenario. Ims infotech Security Products designs and manufactures their own products. Everything is done at one location meaning you will not have any delays or interference from outside sales persons or those not related to Ims infotech Security Products. We have a full US based staff that provides support for all of our security surveillance products.
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